Murals in Dortmund – A Streetart City Walk

Mural in Dortmund Julia Benz Kera 1 Klinikviertel

Dortmund may not be your first touristic destination when you think about Germany, but this city in the Ruhr area actually has something to offer. Sure, most people come to Dortmund from abroad to watch one of the famous soccer games of Borussia Dortmund at Signal Iduna Park. But while you’re here you can also enjoy some really good streetart on a walk in the city. This route will show you some of the best murals in Dortmund.


Kampstraße and Brückstraße: The times they are a’changing.

This walking tour starts at the train station Kampstraße, directly in the inner city of Dortmund and only a five minutes walk from Dortmund main station. Start in the direction of Reinoldi church and it’s signature train station, then turn left into Brückstraße. This was once THE alternative subculture shopping street in Dortmund, but today it changed a lot. If you are searching for simple fast food, kebap and cheap clothing you are in the right place.

The first mural is above a store called Schwarze and was created by the artist Most in black and white. I think the yellow chimney is a nice touch there. Turn right into Ludwigstraße. Again you will find a monochrome mural by painter Lea Carla Diestelhorst, a bit hidden on the facade of number 12 facing to Brückstraße. Around the corner you pass by Dortmund’s famous night club Spirit, which announced it’s closing in 2018. After an uproar on social networks like Facebook, Spirit re-opened in 2018 under new direction. What a surprise.

Helle 9, 44137 Dortmund
open Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 11 p.m.

Murals in Dortmund Brueckstrasse seen on a city walk
Mural by artist Most at Brückstraße 30
Alternative lifestyles in Unionsviertel

On our way to one of Dortmund’s most attractive quarters for artists and alternative subcultures, we pass Königswall and the Dortmunder U — a former brewery and today Dortmund’s signature building and art space. Behind the U building you find artist Mark Gmehling’s mural, called “Hype”. Cross over to Rheinstraße and you are right in the middle of Unionsviertel, where you find most of Dortmund’s mural in one place. As we can only see some of them on this tour, I suggest you take a look at the list by 44309 STREET//ART GALLERY. But it is not only walls that artist have been painting on — keep your eyes open for garbage bins, fences and shutters, there might be something interesting on them.

My personal favourite in Unionsviertel is not a mural, but a little project by resident Olga Fainchtein, who meticulously started to groom a little space of urban land into the 3-Bäume-Park (3-Trees-Park). This little patch of earth only has 30 squaremeters, but it is fenced, planted with nice flowers and even has a bench to take a rest on. Follow the tour to see some more murals in this district that was named after a brewery.

Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday 12 – 6 p.m. // Saturday 2 – 5 p.m.

at the corner of Lange Straße and Kurze Straße

Murals in Dortmund Unionsviertel Walk Spaziergang
Mural by artists Julia Benz and Kera 1 – “Ferro 30”, Lange Straße 13
Westpark and Klinikviertel

Take a last look at the nice murals of Dutch artist The Top Notch on the walls of Dorstelmannstraße 2 (look at both sides of the building!) and then walk on into Westpark. Formerly used as a cemetery, Westpark is one of the most frequented parks in Dortmund nowadays. Thousands of Dortmunders and their barbeques will settle down every day in Summer here. If you look closely you can still find some tomb stones here and there.

We leave Westpark on the eastern side and walk down Möllerstraße in the direction of Klinikviertel. While there are not so many murals in this area, the ones you can find here are as good as the ones in Unionsviertel. If you still have energy left, make a detour via Wilhelmstraße, where you can find the works of some more artists.

Mural in Dortmund Unionsviertel Bird on Wall City Walk
Mural by artist The Top Notch, Dorstelmannstraße 2
Burgers and beer at the finish line

Walking always makes me hungry and there is no way I’ll ever go home without a good meal first. You will find a lot of options along the way already. I decided to try out a little bistro called Vegansky on Hoher Wall. They serve vegan specialties, smoothies and vegan burgers here. I had a very decent Vegansky burger with a quinoa patty and homemade chili ketchup for 6 Euros. That is quite a good deal.

Surely you want to seek out the famous Bergmann-Kiosk some meters away and try their beer specialties one by one. You will always be in good company here, especially on a Friday or Saturday night. Sit down, enjoy your Bergmann Spezial and think about all the murals in Dortmund you have seen.

Hoher Wall 30, 44137 Dortmund
open Monday – Friday from  11:30 a.m.– 7 p.m. // Saturday 2 – 7 p.m.

Hoher Wall 36, 44137 Dortmund

murals in dortmund spirit night club
Facade of the reopened Spirit night club

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